Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in Portland, Oregon

Are you ready to give up the smoking habit? You probably do not need to hear yet again what the health risks of smoking are or all of the reasons why you should stop smoking. We can leave that to health educators and others.

When you have decided to make a change but find that you are having trouble making it happen using your will power alone, you may wish to consider hypnotherapy as an extremely low risk, low cost alternative with a very good track record of effectiveness.

“Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. Willpower, it turns out, counts for very little.”
New Scientist vol. 136, issue 1845, 10/92
(success rate was derived from “a meta-analysis, statistically combining the results of more than 600 studies covering almost 72,000 people from America, Scandinavia and elsewhere”)

Many people find stopping smoking for a time is manageable but giving up the habit permanently is a different thing. The good news is that hypnosis can not only make it easier to stop smoking in the short term but also help you to make it more likely that you will not return to the habit in the future — something that most alternative quitting techniques do not address.