Self Hypnosis Training by Certified Hypnotherapist in Portland, Oregon

Many hypnotherapists and hypnosis experts claim that all hypnosis is self hypnosis. In other words, while the hypnotist or hypnotherapist is a facilitator, it is actually the client (hypnotic subject) who enters the hypnotic state and this can happen with or without the facilitator. While this is largely true, it is a bit of an over-simplification as there is a larger question of what happens after you enter hypnosis.

While one can learn quite easily how to put one’s self in hypnosis (sometimes referred to as “trance”), one can not act as one’s own facilitator and be in hypnosis in the same manner and with the same effectiveness as having a trained hypnotherapist facilitate the process for you.

However, self hypnosis is a wonderful skill to learn and can be utilized for many purposes — it just is not a complete substitute for working on issues in hypnosis having a trained facilitator (hypnotherapist). But the goal of hypnotherapy is not to make you dependent on the hypnotherapist. A good hypnotherapist will help you do the work that would be difficult or impossible for you to do on your own and will then encourage you to learn self hypnosis and take responsibility for your own long term well being. This can start as soon as after the first session when you may have the opportunity to take a recording of the session home and use it for self hypnosis at home as a reinforcement of any work that was done.

Additionally you can learn self hypnosis as a skill in itself whether or not you working on any other issues with the hypnotherapist. While there are numerous books and CDs regarding self hypnosis, it is not likely that you will master the skills as quickly or as deeply as when learning directly from a qualified hypnotist who can start you out by making sure you know what it is like to be in the hypnotic state and while you are in hypnosis, the hypnotist can help you install a “trigger” or shortcut that you associate with that state that can allow you to get back there much more quickly and easily.

Trying to be your own hypnotist is a noble goal but it can require a lot of trial and error before it is really effective without an experienced guide to help you. It is also difficult to address the issue of how you can do anything of import while in the hypnotic state without taking yourself out of the state to some degree as engaging the conscious mind to monitor and facilitate any progress in the session can be contrary to one of the primary requirements of hypnosis: “bypassing the critical factor of the conscious mind”. While there are ways around this difficulty in many cases (but not all), it is not something that can readily be learned from a book or CD.