Peak Performance Hypnosis in Portland, Oregon

Are you performing at your best? Achieving peak performance seems like a difficult or even unattainable goal to many of us, whether or not we consider ourselves a professional in our individual arena of endeavor: athletics, music, public speaking, public performing, business, sales, self-development and personal growth, etc.

Why is this so? Haven’t we been conditioned that we must continually “try”, “strive”, and “work hard” to get results? This puts our focus back on will power and effort. Sure, this can work well at times, but it is this continual requirement of staying focussed and putting forth the effort that usually turns out to be the achilles heel of our well-intended plans. As soon as we lose our focus or falter in our efforts, we get off track or backslide which often leads to discouragement and makes achieving progress and better results seem even harder than it did before.

So, how can hypnosis help?

Hypnosis allows you to make powerful changes where they really count, which is usually below the level of conscious thought. As just discussed, it is our dependence on strategies which require us to be continually consciously aware of something in order to make steady progress which leads to inconsistent results. If we instead make sure that we are clear on what we really want and utilize hypnosis to help bring our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors into alignment with our desired outcomes, then even our unconscious and automatic behaviors can become more consistent with the results that we want — so that we no longer need remain at the whim of fickle will power, which may be very strong at one moment and seemingly non-existent at others.

Hypnosis can be used to Build Confidence and Change or Eliminate Habits as well as help create new and more positive patterns of behavior. You do not need to do everything the hard way. With a little self-reflection and some assistance from your hypnotherapist, you can allow life to stop being such a struggle and recognize some of the magic of living that perhaps has seemed lost among all the hard work and need for trying.

Engaging your powerful imagination and taking giant steps forward in the direction of the dreams that really motivate you at the deepest level is not only possible, but it can actually be fun and easy.