Coaching - Get Focused, Expert Help in Making Positive Life Changes

Our body and mind is an amazing instrument. We train it what to do and it learns to do things for us while we often put our conscious attention elsewhere as it works on our behalf. Sometimes, when things are not working so well for us, we feel stuck as it is often the case that solutions to our seeming predicament have been filtered out of conscious attention as we have learned to process related information more automatically and unconsciously.

In a coaching session, you determine the issue, problem, or challenge you want to work through in each session. Burt uses his skills and training in hypnosis and NLP for both coaching and therapy to assist you in discovering the resources that you already have within to meet any challenge. In the process, you end up connecting your resourceful states to the unwanted state and come out with a whole new outlook and an internal state that is much more likely to produce results of the type you want in your life.