Eliminate Bad Habits with Hypnosis in Portland, Oregon

Who hasn’t had a bad habit that they would like to change but had trouble doing so through conscious effort? Many people would attribute this to “laziness” or a “lack of will power”, but is this really an adequate explanation?

To answer this question, let us first examine a more basic question:

What are habits?

Habits are behaviors that we engage in at an unconscious level. One could say they have become part of our “programming”. Things we choose to do at a conscious level are a choice. While our habits may have started as a conscious choice at one time and while we may still, at times, make a conscious choice to engage in the same behavior that has become habitual, the essential characteristic of a habit is that it is behavior that has become conditioned into us at a deeper level that it is often occurring without us being conscious of it, at least at the point at which we initiate the behavior.

For some habits, simply making a conscious effort to be more aware of our behavior and to choose not to engage in unwanted habits may be sufficient or perhaps with the help of a family member or friend to help us monitor our own behavior and intervene when we are unconsciously engaging in habits that are no longer desirable may be sufficient to make satisfactory changes. However, hypnotherapy can greatly accelerate this process.

Since hypnosis allows us to communicate directly with the unconscious mind, it is possible to make changes at that level without having to wait for the behavior to surface and then make an intervention at the level of the conscious mind.