Hypnotherapy for Confidence Building in Portland, Oregon

Often the biggest obstacle between us and the achievement of our dreams is fear: fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, of making a mistake, or of not being accepted, etc. To a certain extent, fear can serve us as it makes us aware of risks that we should consider, however it is easy to see that the fear can often become counterproductive to the point where it either stops us from doing things we would really like to do or perhaps worse yet, it affects our concentration and abilities so much that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Contrast this with the feeling of being full of confidence — knowing that you have all the skills and experience you need to succeed and feeling assured that the right words, feelings, and responses will naturally arise automatically to produce your desired results.

Of course a certain amount of fear is natural and serves us well. And it is also true that we need to develop our own skills and abilities in order to naturally grow our confidence. But when we have developed our talents and have had the experience of natural confidence, yet fear continues to get in our way — when truly “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”, this is when we can greatly benefit from a little help.

Hypnotherapy can be used to boost our natural confidence and bring fear into check in a variety of productive ways: through processes of “future pacing”, we can rehearse important events in advance and emphasize the activation of our natural skills, abilities, and talents and sparking our confidence, while delivering powerful suggestions to the unconscious mind which can help us short-circuit habitual reactions of fear and convert negative feelings of anxiety into positive feelings of high performance energy.

Many of us already know that it is our mental attitude which is of primary importance but there seems to be a gap between the intellectual knowing of that and the actual experience of debilitating nerves or fear. This is because so much of this process is occurring beneath the level of our conscious mind. Hypnosis allows us to take our “mental game” to a much deeper level and address our fears there as well.