Transformational Hypnotherapy in Portland, Oregon

Discover the power of your unconscious mind: often, when we get stuck in life, it is because we are looking at things from a limited, conceptual and habitual viewpoint. The “stuckness” is in fact more of an idea or an illusion than anything real.

Imagination trumps will power: many of us find making changes a struggle, as we are expecting our will power to make it happen for us. This often leads to a focus on effort and negativity. There is a better way.

Hypnosis is a fast, effective, and powerful means of circumventing your superficial limitations and marshalling your already existing vast arrays of internal resources to make beneficial changes in your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Hypnotherapy sessions are available at our convenient location in S.E. Portland (Oregon).

By inspiring ourselves and sparking the imagination of our powerful subconscious minds, we can liberate and utilize abilities we may not even have been aware of previously and shift our lives back in the direction they were designed to be: an exciting adventure, not just a series of problems to be solved.

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“When the imagination and will power are in conflict, it is always the imagination which wins, without any exception.” - Émile Coué

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